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Relax With WheeMe™

WheeMe is a palm-sized robot, designed solely for your relaxation. Using a unique sensor technology, WheeMe moves along the back, creating wave after wave of soothing sensations, without falling down or losing grip. Enjoy your own portable massage therapist anytime, anywhere.


WheeMe vibrates as it moves. The vibrations from the wheels transfer to the skin, helping to ease aches and strains and revitalizing the body by releasing stress along the spine.


Tiny finger-like projections tingle the back and wake up the senses. Just mount the "Tingle Fingers" to WheeMe for a delightfully fun tingling sensation that's as relaxing as remedial.


WheeMe moves up and down the back in soft, fluid motions. Without any vibrations, the ridged rubberized wheels soothe the back and dissolve stress in a matter of minutes.

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